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Barcelona 2013

This is me, staring off into a beautiful future full of blog posts and productivity.

After years of blogging on other people’s sites and bouncing around, virtual pillar to virtual post, I’ve finally listened to some very good advice and started up my own website. It feels a bit like I’m trying to throw a party in an empty house right now but as we go, the place will slowly fill up with content. After all, I paid for this damn thing. I’d better bloody write here!

I considered writing some things to post as ‘filler’ just so it didn’t look so bereft but that seemed a bit silly. Also, since this is actually my own personal website, I didn’t write anything in the 3rd person. I suppose it should be said that this website is not endorsed or bankrolled by any of the various companies I work for. This is all mine and so are the opinions contained within.

You may notice that I’ve turned off the comments for my blogs. Yeah. As long as the downsides of having comments attached to my blog are greater than the upsides, I’ll leave them turned off. You can always talk to me on twitter at KaraOTR if you like. Keep it clean, would you?

Let’s just say that if you honestly think not being able to comment on someone’s blog is censorship or somehow removing your ‘right’ to free speech, you may have found your way to the wrong blog.

Jedi mind tricks *These are not the words you are looking for*

For everyone else … WELCOME! I’ll write a bit about poker, a bit about my travels and a bit about things I either like or dislike. You know, a blog. I’ll try to be interesting. And use photos.

SPECIAL MENTIONS: Thanks to my good friend Marco Belletti for doing all the hard work and the heavy lifting for this website. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted or needed and somehow he still delivered both of those exactly and within my budget. I think that’s the mark of someone who is really excellent at what they do. Go and check out his website and give him some more work because he’s awesome and also because the first time I tried to add content here, I deleted a bunch of his coding and he had to redo it all. Oops.