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Global Poker Masters


Way back in March I was lucky enough to work on the brand new tournament format, the Global Poker Masters in Malta. I co-anchored the coverage along with Eric Danis for the GPI and I’ve just seen that they’ve archived the coverage for those of you who want to go and watch it.

Watching back a bit of the pre-game show, it’s so clear how much more fun it is to work live to camera. Anything can happen (and usually does) so there’s no time to just coast. It’s a constantly shifting and changing beast and that makes it all the more fun!

I’ve been very lucky in my career to work with great partners both onscreen and off and Eric exemplifies that. This was actually the first time we’d worked together on camera and ‘chemistry’ is a hard quality to pin down but it’s important for how the broadcast comes across to the audience. We had a lot of fun and hopefully you all saw that!

The videos are archived over on Twitch so go and take a look at them if you’re hankering for some poker TV.



Kara Scott and Eric Danis at the GPI Masters in Malta. Credit to Global Poker Index