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Thank you Poker Sportivo!

Poker Sportivo cover

I’m a little bit late with this post as my multi-tasking skills are sorely lacking at the moment.

I spent most of the summer in Las Vegas and Los Angeles working on the Aria Super High Roller Bowl for PokerCentral/NBCsports and the World Series of Poker for ESPN.

After 5 weeks on the road, I am finally home getting my head back together in our brand new house in Slovenia. Talk about a whirlwind.

It’s amazing what hotel living does to my productivity and not ‘good’ amazing either.

So a very big thank you to the Italian magazine Poker Sportivo for putting me on the cover with these two great people and for running a feature on women in the game.

It’s *ahem* a very timely subject, as it happens!


Poker Sportivo cover